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to Historic Ladoga and Old Normal Hall.  Central Indiana Normal School  was opened  in 1876 in Ladoga, Indiana, and organized as a private Indiana school specializing in teacher training.  Old Normal is the last remaining building from the campus of the former Central Normal School.

The Old Normal building is on the Indiana State Register of Historic Sites and Structures and the National List of Historic Places.

Historic Ladoga, Inc. was organized in the spring of 1993 after which it successfully acquired title to the property in 1994 and began restoration in 1997.

Preserved to the highest standards, this beautiful facility is available for rent for any of your
family's events.

Old Normal, December 2013

Each of Indiana's 92 counties
 has at one listing on the

National Register of Historic Places.

Old Normal is just one of the over 1700
beautiful places here in Indiana
listed on the
National Register of Historic Places
that you can visit!

Cub Scouts met in the late 40's
at the Old Normal.

The Paper of Montgomery County awarded Old Normal

Readers' Choice Winner
for favorite Banquet Facility in 2012.

Second Annual

Historic Ladoga's
Art & Craft Weekend

May 3rd & 4th, 2014

Would you like to be a vendor at
this event?  Click here.
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